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*If you build a XMLTV file over 2mb the plugin will take longer to load (smaller file = quicker load times; so chose wisely when building your xmltv file, you don't need info for channels you don't have nor do you need to list more then a week at a time!) XMLTV When the Client starts and stops it will sync itself to the "master".The plugin is available here: The package contains all files necessary to run the plugin in the necessary subfolders, simply put them into your NPVR data directory. If you're using another Skin, please make sure to download the skin files for your skin in the correct version.Note: When upgrading from a previous version, you do not need to overwrite your existing file and keep your settings and data.As long as you don't have any channel rules that overwrite sharing (random, pause) your shows should be within a few minutes of each other.If you are using "Live TV" Each instance of PTVL has to be configured to use the same xmltv file.According to an email sent out to Ti Vo owners, Hybrid Television has reached the end of its Ti Vo licence and as a result the EPG service will end.When regular EPG updates stop flowing, which means that Ti Vo features such as season passes will stop operating, making the remaining Ti Vo PVRs into very difficult to use devices indeed.

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While there was a small and passionate Ti Vo community in Australia using self-hacked US devices prior to launch, Ti Vo officially launched in Australia back in 2008 with a flurry of hype and some big expectations.

When projected workloads are high and available Mo DOT staffing resources are limited, the need may arise to solicit for consultant services.

EPG 134 Engineering Professional Services is a guide for soliciting, selecting and managing consultant contracts with Mo DOT.

Ti Vo remains a strong brand in the US where updated Ti Vo devices offer increased capacity, resolution and a multitude of tuners for capture, but in Australia, as of the end of October, they'll be no more.

Ti Vo Australia's announcement of the closure does note that existing Ti Vo owners who have connected their Ti Vo devices in the last six months (or in other words, customers with Ti Vo devices still in a functional state) can get a 0 discount on the purchase price of a Fetch Mighty PVR, but only if purchased through Harvey Norman’s online store.

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