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We’re the first to admit that there are a lot of plain-looking old track bikes in the collection. The seat stays and chain stays are much larger in diameter and thicker-walled than any of our other bikes. Al must have had quite a bit of horsepower to require such stiff construction for the back end of his bike. Al raced with distinction at the “Nazi Games”, finishing in 9th place in the men’s sprint competition (won by Germany’s Toni Merkins) and 10th in the 1000 meter individual time trial (which was won by the Netherland’s Arie Van Vliet).

If you look carefully, however, you’ll see some real history rolling around on wooden rims. In the tandem sprint event Al and his partner William Logan made it into the quarter finals but were beaten to the line by the Italian team of Carlo Legutti and Bruno Loatti.

A great old machine, and one of jeff’s most recent acquisitions, this bike was built in the northern New Jersey work shop of the De Bacco brothers Angelo and Joe.

Leave furtively Leave helpless with laugh Leave high and dry Leave home Leave in Leave in a hurry Leave in a hurry, slangil Leave in a hurry, with "o Leave in difficulty Leave in neutral Leave in stitches Leave in stitches?Frank was apparently a road guy, so the bike mainly saw the roads of North Jersey and the surrounds.Frank’s name has come up more than a few times while researching the ’30′s East Coast racing scene and Frank frequented the shops owned by both Joe Kopsky and John Brennan.We use vintage catalogs, books, and any other publications we can find to document Schwinn’s history.If you have any information, corrections, or photos please contact me.

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