Updating old palmv to usb

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For exemple, if you have a Tails 1.3 and the current version is 1.3.2, then the upgrade to 1.3.1 will be installed, and after you restart Tails, the upgrade to 1.3.2 will be installed.

updating old palmv to usb-71

updating old palmv to usb-66

The advantages of this technique are the following: If you missed an upgrade, each upgrade will be installed one after the other.

Another design that I cannot warrant will work or be responsible for any damage caused.

Again, if you choose to copy any elements of the design you are at your own risk.

I decided to make my own cable and choose a different design to the one described on the Astronomist cable page.

I also had a USB charging cable for the Palm V that had the 10 pin connector for the Palm V on one end and a USB plug on the other end.

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